King David was the first big success of the biblical series produced by TV Record Brazil. I was co-writer of the 30 chapters saga of David, from his childhood as a shepherd to his coronation as king of Israel, through
the legendary fight with Goliath and the conquer of Jerusalem.

Achievements: I was responsible for writing dialogues and scenes, developing characters profiles and making sure of the accuracy of the narrative with the Bible. My main challenge in this particular story was that I had to write (and be passionate) about a character that I didn’t like at all. It was the first time in my life that I had such bad feelings about a protagonist. However, this gave me the opportunity to find a way and learn how to turn him into a hero for the public – even if he wasn’t for me. At the end, this personal position gave a strong basis to the building of the character and the narrative, as we were questioning him, his feelings and attitudes all the time, making sure that they were in tune with the legend of David.